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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Why Should an HOA Hire a Property Management Company?

Professional property management services can have lots of benefits for an HOA. They are a valuable investment as they save money and maintain a good relationship between neighbors. Even the best HomeOwners’ Associations may have trouble managing their affairs without external help. The benefits of an HOA management company include the following:

Administrative Services


Thousand Oaks property management can be difficult for HOAs that don’t seek professional help. Property management companies have in-house managers who can act on behalf of an HOA. Usually, managers are local experts. They understand the local community and some of the most common problems around it. A good property management team can provide services such as:


  • Enforcing the community’s rules and regulations
  • Scheduling and going to board meetings
  • Taking the board through annual budget preparations
  • Responding to the concerns of homeowners


Large HOAs could reap many benefits from property management companies. 

Accounting Services

Your Thousand Oaks property management company may offer accounting services. Most management companies have the skills and experience to handle complex accounting issues. They may offer services such as:


  • Estimating maintenance costs
  • Managing the community’s bank accounts
  • Offering guidelines for long-term funding 
  • Reviewing the community’s monthly bills
  • Creating monthly statements on behalf of the HOA
  • Keeping records of the account

Site Management 

Site management is one of the most critical parts of property management. Without the right help, the quality and value of the property may diminish over time. Communities that fail to follow the association’s values may get a negative reputation. Management companies may offer on-site visits. They may perform activities such as:


  • Checking on maintenance issues
  • Regular maintenance services such as pool cleaning and lawn care
  • Ensuring that you don’t violate any of the existing rules
  • Coordinating approved activities

Does Your HOA Need Property Management?

Your HOA should consider getting professional property management services under the following situations:


  • The homeowners lack the time, skill, or experience to act on the HOA’s Board of Directors. Ideally, they should have experience in finance, law, management, and conflict resolution
  • A property management company can help your HOA improve its current relationships 
  • Your HOA is so big that managing it has become a challenge. You may have trouble handling issues such as rule enforcement, routine billing, and correspondence. 

The Rule of Homeowners

Even with a good management company, homeowners still have a significant role to play. Apart from the most obvious duties such as paying rent on time, other duties include:


  • Avoiding littering and picking up after pets
  • Maintaining cleanliness in the shared areas
  • Following the rules of the association
  • Avoiding vandalism


In conclusion, property management in Ventura County is essential. The right HOA property management company can help with management issues, accounting issues, and site management. You need the help of a professional if the homeowners lack knowledge in management, accounting, and law. If you think it may be time for your HOA to seek property management services, contact us today and let us help. 

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