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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

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Top Property Management Company in Simi Valley, CA 

When you are looking for a rental management company in Simi Valley, Real Property Management should be your first choice. We have the rental property management experience and expertise to help you get the most out of your investment here in Ventura County. Property owners and investors trust our rental property management company to do for them what we have done for so many others in Simi Valley — show them how to get the most passive income possible out of their investment without having to sacrifice time or effort. 

Why Should You Choose Real Property Management?

Attempting to manage your own rental property is both time-consuming and expensive. Using a rental property management company in Simi Valley makes better financial sense.  

Most investors — especially those new to rental property management — do not have the skills to efficiently or effectively manage their own property. This causes them to lose money, and they do not always understand why. Putting more time into rental property management rarely works, because experience in the industry is what translates to profit. 

When you work with Real Property Management, you can be assured that our vetting process will yield quality tenants who will treat your property as well as if it were their own, and pay their rent on time. Fewer vacancies + reliable tenants = higher income for the property owner. 

There may be no shortage of residential property management companies in Simi Valley, but if you want the best, there is only one to select from: Real Property Management. 

Leave the Hard Work to Our Property Management Professionals eave the Hard Work to Us

Proper rental property management in Simi Valley is a full-time job, but most of the owners we work with already have full-time jobs. They purchased their property in order to boost their income through passive investing. But if you attempt to manage your property yourself, your investment isn’t passive. In fact, it may be much more active than you had planned for. 

When you work with Real Property Management, your investment will be truly passive, because we do all the work — from tenant screening to leasing to property maintenance. Among the property management services our company provides are: 

Marketing: Astute investment of time and money into advertising via social media, property rental websites and traditional media is what helps fill your rental units quickly. For the highest ROI, rely on a property management company with marketing experience. 

Property Preparation: You yield significantly better results by properly prepping your property before showing it. Real Property Management ensures your rental units are clean, updated and staged before showing them to prospective tenants. 

Tenant Screening & Leasing: No tenant is better than a bad tenant. But when you work with an experienced rental property management company in Simi Valley, you need not worry about either scenario. We carefully screen and vet prospective tenants before allowing them to sign a lease. 

Property Maintenance: Maintenance is a big part of good property management in Ventura County. Your building must be clean and functional, and your grounds landscaped and tidy. Our property maintenance company ensures that your property looks its best at all times, and that means you are better able to get top dollar. 

Rent Collection: Keeping track of which tenants have and have not paid their rent on time is a time-consuming chore. Our Simi Valley rental property management company takes the helm in collecting your rent payments and recording them in a timely fashion, which our clients greatly appreciate come tax time. 

Evictions: Because our rental property management company so carefully screens each tenant, we rarely encounter situations in which we must evict them. But should these situations arise, we fully manage the process, from serving the notice to going to court on your behalf to having your tenants’ belongings removed. 

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The Benefits of Using Professional Property Managers 

Property management in Simi Valley is a 24/7 job — one that you do not want to have to do when you have other obligations to attend to. When a toilet clogs in the middle of the night or there’s an issue with the HVAC, our property management company handles it for you. You’re never bothered by calls from tenants on weekends, holidays or at other inconvenient times. 

While our rental property management company is dedicated to relieving you of the trials and tribulations of managing your investment property, we want you to know that we keep you consistently informed of the tasks we perform on your behalf. You are never left in the dark or are surprised to hear about an issue after the fact. We use cutting-edge technology to keep you in the loop without interrupting your busy days. 

Affordable Rental Property Management in Simi Valley

If you have attempted to manage your own rental property in Simi Valley, you know that it isn’t cost-effective. Using a trained and experienced property rental company maximizes your investment by getting tasks done quickly and professionally as well as by freeing up more of your time. We have been in the property management business in Simi Valley for many years, and our knowledge of the Ventura County rental market helps put you ahead of the pack of other investors. 

Additionally, what makes our property management rental services more affordable is our flexibility with pricing packages. We allow you to choose the pricing tier that’s right for you and your buildings. 

Local Knowledge, National Presence  

When you work with Real Property Management, you get the benefit of our local staff’s knowledge of the Simi Valley market, but also the perks that come with affiliation with a national property management firm. 

We dominate many other local markets in California with our rental property management teams, including: 

One of the reasons Real Property Management is able to corner the market in so many other communities is due to our experience, dedication, superior customer service and industry leadership. In fact, the team at Real Property Management has won many awards and has been recognized numerous times for our skills and achievements. 

No-Cost, No-Obligation Rental Property Assessment 

If you’re not sure whether hiring a property management rental company is a good idea for you, we have good news for you: You can book a no-cost, no-obligation rental property assessment with us. We will visit your property and let you know exactly what we can do for you and how we can save you money. Contact us today to set up your appointment for your free assessment.