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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

  • Communication

    Real Property Management Ventura County makes every effort to keep you informed about your property.

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  • Marketing & Advertising

    For each day your property is vacant, that's money out of your pocket.

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  • Tenant Screening

    Placing the wrong tenant can quickly cost you what you save in professional management fees.

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  • Leasing

    Your leasing agent manages the lease signing and ensures that all proper contracts are executed correctly.

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  • Rent Collection

    Nothing affects your cash flow more
    than late or missing rent payments.

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  • Maintenance

    The return on your investment can be significantly impacted without timely, cost-effective repairs and upkeep.

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  • Evaluations

    Professional evaluations of your property both inside and out are beneficial.

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  • Eviction

    Even with careful placement there is occasionally a tenant who needs to be evicted.

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  • Accounting

    Our goal is to maximize your income and minimize your expenses.

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    Professional Property Management Services

    Managed by Real Property Management Ventura County

    Real Property Management Ventura County’s professional services include:

    Proactive Communication

    As an investor and property owner, you deserve to know what’s going on with your asset(s) at all times. At the same time, you might not want to be bothered with constant updates – after all, that’s why you pay for professional property management in Simi Valley. To provide the updates you need, when you need them, Real Property Management Ventura County leverages a comprehensive technology solution. 

    In addition to providing critical and milestone updates, we supply you with full access to our owner portal, wherever you are and whenever you want to access your property information. You can access the secure portal from your computer, tablet or smartphone, providing the ultimate in convenience. At the same time, our team of experts is always available for you, standing by to answer your questions and provide all the information and updates you need. 

    property manager and tenants having a conversation

    rental property with a sign in the front yard

    Rental Property Marketing & Advertising 

    Our team of property managers in Simi Valley CA all have a profound and up-to-date understanding of our local rental market. We know precisely what the market wants and what rental rates the market will bear. This in-depth level of knowledge and experience allows us to craft comprehensive marketing and advertising programs for each property that we manage. 

    When you trust us to handle renting your property, we begin by performing a comprehensive assessment of the property’s condition, amenities, location, etc. This allows us to arrive at the highest possible competitive market rate. We also work closely with you to prepare the property for rent, making it as attractive as possible to high-quality tenants. 

    We invest significantly in our advertising, leveraging those platforms that great tenants use to find houses for rent. Our team responds immediately to every inquiry, allowing us to capture and capitalize on the interest of potential tenants when they’re most ready to make a rental decision. Our proven marketing strategies minimize vacancy rates by getting your property rented as quickly as possible – with the right tenants in place. 

    Screening & Selecting Tenants 

    Getting the right tenant in place is the key to successful rental property management in Simi Valley. We have an exceptional track record of achieving this goal for our clients, maximizing occupancy and helping avoid many of the most troublesome aspects of rental management. 

    We evaluate potential tenants on multiple levels, including a full background, credit, employment, and criminal history check (in accordance with applicable laws and guidelines). Our processes have been carefully developed to maximize effectiveness while remaining in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and Federal Fair Housing guidelines. 

    Once we select a tenant, we handle every aspect of executing the lease and conducting a comprehensive pre-move-in property inspection with the tenant. This inspection ensures that we can accurately assess any changes that occur over the course of tenant occupancy. 

    happy new tenants meeting the property manager

    Happy man lifting woman in new house

    Leasing Documentation 

    Our nearly three decades of experience have allowed us to develop a collection of watertight leasing documents. Our leasing documentation is designed to clearly inform tenants of – and hold them accountable for fulfilling – their obligations under the terms of the rental agreement. 

    We follow all applicable legal and financial guidelines at all times, helping reduce the property owner’s liability and costs. If you elect to have us collect rental payments, fees and deposits, all activity is recorded in your electronic owner portal in real time, and immediately available for your review. 

    Prompt Collection of Rents 

    Regular and reliable cash flow is critical for investors and property owners. For this reason, the timely collection of rent payments is one of the most important tasks we perform for our clients. All of our efforts culminate in the imperative to avoid late or missing payments completely. 

    We provide tenants with a variety of ways to pay rent, making it as easy as possible for them to do so. We even offer incentives to tenants who pay their rent on time. We are always fair with tenants, yet we remain resolute in enforcing the lease terms, ensuring that your money gets to you when it should. 

    man paying rent in cash

    manager performing property evaluation

    Periodic Property Evaluations 

    We believe you should never have to worry about the condition of your rental property or be concerned whether the tenant is taking care of the home. To provide you with this critical peace of mind, we conduct regular evaluations of your rental property, both inside and outside. 

    All property management companies in Simi Valley provide move-in and move-out inspections. But we elevate our level of service to you by including these periodic property inspections. We document every inspection in detail, including photographs. This helps identify any potential issues before they become a problem – and before they lead to the need for costly repairs. 

    Affordable Property Maintenance & Repairs 

    All rental properties require some type of maintenance or repair from time to time. The key to lucrative property investments is keeping the cost of this work as low as possible without compromising quality. Real Property Management Ventura County delivers on this imperative, minimizing your costs while ensuring that maintenance, repairs and upgrades are all performed properly and professionally. 

    In addition to our own staff of maintenance and repair personnel, we have worked hard to build a solid relationship with quality contractors and material suppliers. Our substantial national presence means we have some of the most well-known and well-respected national vendors at our disposal, along with carefully selected local contractors. All of this adds up to providing an exceptional level of service and workmanship for you and your tenants. 

    Air conditioner with maintenance tools and service reminder

    Eviction Notice

    Responsive & Compliant Eviction 

    Although all our efforts go toward ensuring the success of your tenants, evictions are sometimes necessary. Rest assured that, should that course of action be required, we are prepared to act, swiftly and in accordance with all state and local landlord/tenant laws. 

    Should a breach of lease contract occur, we move immediately to file the necessary documentation for legal eviction. Dealing with this scenario in this manner helps keep costs as low as possible and allows us to get the property back on the market quickly. 

    Property Management Accounting 

    When you engage the services of a rental management company in Simi Valley, you deserve – and are entitled to – comprehensive accounting and reporting. Real Property Management Ventura County uses an advanced technology solution that encompasses centralized accounting, tracking and reporting. This allows us to carefully monitor and control all income and expenses, to maximize your cash flow. 

    This also allows you to access your account details at any time, via your secure owner portal. There, you will find itemized statements, income and expense details, tax documents and any other information relative to your property’s management. 

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